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Zeolite is a beautiful mineral that contain alkali and alkaline-earth metals, built in crystal structure from different elements. It occurs in all oceans, ground water and volcanic rocks. Zeolite is a similar mineral to feldspar, apart from having larger cavities and water present. This gives it its unique purifying properties. As a crystal, zeolite is well know for its use in reiki healing for removing negative energies. These pieces are beautiful sparkling with soft, but powerful energy. Use in your meditation practice or as a purifier in your home.  


  • One raw piece of zeolite
  • Each piece is different and unique
  • Stone A. 90g, approx 80mm x 35mm x 20mm 
  • Stone B. 196.5g, approx 80mm x 45mm x 30mm
  • Stone C. 170g, approx 90mm x 50mm x 20mm 
  • Stone D. 97g, approx 70mm x 30mm x 25mm 
  • Stone E. 145g, approx 75mm x 35mm x 45mm 
  • Choose yours from drop down menu
  • Shapes, sizes and colours vary
  • Gift wrapping included


Historically zeolite has been used by ancient Romans and was rediscovered for modern day use in 1756. Zeolite is nowadays used in powder form as a detoxifying agent or even in water purification. Zeolites are often used in commercial setting for things like pollution control, farming and agriculture for its purifying properties. It has a unique cage-like structure and can trap other molecules inside making it almost like a filter. 


This mineral is known to have many healing properties and can also be used internally for removal of heavy metals. Zeolite crystal pieces are all about detoxification and purification, both mentally and physically. Please note these pieces are raw and not suitable for consumption.      


Zeolite crystal



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