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We respect and value any concerns you may have about privacy and our relationship with you. We do not sell, rent or share your details with anyone without your prior permission.  We may use the information you provide to us (via our website, social media or technology) to send you promotional materials or information. We use your information to provide services to you and respond to your enquiries, process your transactions and create and manage your account. We may also use your information to operate and improve our services, including product development. We comply with all legal requirements, industry standards and policies. 


Please read our full privacy policy below





You computer data will be automatically collected by cookies for site analytics such as customer behaviour, preferences, functionality (shopping cart, review) and advertising products for your preference. By continuing to use our website we assume you understand and accept this. You can remove cookies from your computer manually. 


The cookies will track your ip address, location and type of your device, pages you visit, time your spend on site, date and time of your visit. It will not collect identifiable data such as name or address. 




When you make purchases from our website you will be asked to provide address and contact details for correct delivery and communication. We will not subscribe you automatically to any newsletter. You will also be asked to provide your payment card details to our service provider for payment. We do not have access to your payment details, only to your delivery details. After your purchase has been made your details will be held in past orders section on our website. 




If you contact us via social media we will be able to see your public profile and we may share your comments or suggestions. If you do not wish us to share these, please contact us privately via email or phone. 


Some social media platforms may share your non identifiable data with us if you interact with our adverts or links on our social media profiles.




After signing on to our Newsletter your details (Name and e-mail address) are held in a Newsletter service provider. No one else has access to these details and we do not share or sell these details to anyone. Should you WISH unsubscribe from the newsletter your details will be permanently deleted as soon as possible.


Our Newsletter service provider will share your interactions with the Newsletter with us such as you clicking a link or banner. This is done for analyses of the Newsletter  and for best customer experience.    




In order for us to function as a business we may need to share your data with our service partners such as delivery services (Royal Mail, DPD or others), payment provider or PayPal. Some of our stock will be dispatched directly from our partner warehouse and we may need to share your delivery details with them.  We also need to share your details with our Newsletter platform in order for us to be able offer this service. 




We will never share or sell your details to third party advertisers or other networks. We will never share your details with anyone unless we are obligated to do so by law. 




You can unsubscribe from any communication at any time by either contacting us directly or unsubscribing on the email Newsletter by clicking the link unsubscribe at the end of the Newsletter. Pease note it may take a few days for this to take affect. 


If you wish to request the data we hold from you, you can do so by contacting us directly  and we will be able to provide this information to you after confirming your identity.  


Please know we are always doing our best to protect your information by using secure website servers and protecting your sensitive data by encryption. 




Please contact us directly if you have any questions via e-mail or phone on


or 07717533877 




We may change or update our policy at any time. Please check on this page should you wish to confirm all the details 

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