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Shop wonderful selection of hand picked incense, smudge and incense holders. These are the must have products for anyone using holistic practices for their wellbeing. They make unique decorations and add a delicious scent to your home. Incense and smudge also make fantastic and desirable gifts. 


Incense has been used for thousands of years and are commonly a combination of essential oils and botanical materials. It gets it name from latin word for to burn (incendere) and resin balls have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. They are known to have been used by Babylonians, Romans, Greeks and Arabs as well as in all over Asia.


Incense are burnt to uplift or cleanse energy, in mediation practices and even as insect repellant. Incense usually comes as a stick or cone and releases fragrant smoke when burnt. Resin is also popular and often burnt in churches and temples. Historically incense fragrance and smoke are believed to deter negative energies and please gods. Asia is commonly known as a main producer of these wonderful products.