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Buy cushion covers, handmade unique home decor and soft furnishing, Colourful cushion covers are a great way to change the look of the space and bring some colour to your life. They are an easy way to use colour therapy in your home or workspace and they make great gifts as well.  All cushion covers  are handmade with care using lovingly picked colourful materials.    


Each colour has a different vibration and as such have an impact on our general health and mood. Colours can boost our immune system and general wellbeing. They can support our recovery from physical and emotional illness and uplift our low vibrational state. Colours can also be used for relaxation and dealing with stress as well as help us with learning and working in more creative ways.


Electro magnetic spectrum is all the colours in pure white light. It has seven colours and each colour of the spectrum has a different vibration length and quality.  We can only see about 40% of the spectrum which includes red, orange, yellow, green blue, indigo and violet. Three additive primary colours are red, blue and green. Three subtractive colours are cyan, yellow and magenta. Different shades of colours are mixed from these main colours    

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