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Buy crystal pendants and gemstone pendants which are a great way to carry vibrational energy.  Crystal healing is an ancient method that works on the body’s subtle energy field. It can help to repair, balance and harmonise this energy field which then in turn heals the possible emotional or physical symptoms. Crystal healing is an interaction between the crystals and the persons own energy field. This is why it is important to choose the right crystals to match the need as they all (just like us) have a different frequency and energy filed.

Crystals absorb and reflect light in different ways. When all rays pass through the stone is stated as transparent, the rays that don't pass through give the stone their colour.  Diamond has the ability to separate the different wave lengths of light when they pass through, showing all colours of the rainbow, but still looking clear or transparent.

Chakras regulate the energy flow affecting our glands and metabolism. They keep our body and mind working in harmony as they are constantly moving and absorbing energy. Crystals can help balancing of the chakras if they are too open or closed. Chakras are not physical organs, but energy centres of the body. They constantly moving energy absorbing vortexes that are our body’s energy source. Chakras give us our life energy.

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