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Give a box of love with this self love gift box. It comes with gorgeous scented serene aura sage smudge stick with lilac clavellina and caspian foliage. The smudge stick is accompanied by set of powerful crystals, rose quartz, lepidolite, clear quartz and selenite. Use for those precious moments you can take for yourself to calm down and relax.  


Self love gift box includes


  • Serene aura smudge stick
  • Rose quartz tumble, large
  • Clear quartz tumble, large
  • lepidolite tumble, large
  • selenite stick
  • Oyster shell
  • Stone sizes, colours and shapes vary


Rose quartz is a beautiful soft pink tone gemstone that is best known as a stone of love. It is found in Madagascar, Brazil and USA. This stone represents love in all forms. Love for oneself, family and other beings. It is the stone for universal love. Use for healing heartbreak and emotional tension and stress. 


Clear quartz is said to increase your psychic abilities and it is a popular gemstone for spiritual awareness and emotional balance. Use for dream therapy and mental clarity. It also works well with other gemstones. It is one of the birthstones for Taurus and represents all chakras. It is perfect for space clearing, protection and healing treatments. Charge your stones in meditation and visual practices with your dreams and desires.   


Lepidolite has calming and grounding energy and bring joy for those feeling depressed. Use it in your meditation practice or in your house for protection. This stone is soft and should not be cleansed by soaking in water, unless taking a bath with it. Place lepidolite out in the sun or moonlight instead to cleanse and charge it. Lepidolite represents all chakras, especially heart and third eye. It is one of the modern birthstones for Libra.

Self love gift box



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