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Meditation gift box, crystal gift box, meditators gift box, gift for meditator, healing crystal box, meditation gift set. It contains all the essentials to get started; crystals, scents and mala beads. This meditation gift box comes beautifully wrapped and each is unique containing natural crystals.  

Your meditation gift box includes:

  • Copal smudge stick, 10cm
  • Labradorite medium size tumble
  • Golden healer quartz medium tumble
  • Vesuvianite medium tumble
  • Selenite ruler
  • Rudraksha mala beads
  • Shapes, sizes and colours of the stones vary
  • Gift wrapping included

Burn copal smudge before meditating in preparation to open your heart. It helps to dispel negative energies and calms the mind. You can use mala beads with affirmations or mantra, It helps you to focus and empty your mind. Move your fingers along the beads with each repetition. You can either hold the crystals in your hand or place them around you whilst meditating.

Labradorite is a beautiful, magical gemstone originally found in Canada in 1770. It has vibrant colours of gold, blue and green. Labradorite is said to have magical powers, awakening psychic abilities  and connection to higher self. Access Akashic files and past lives using Labradorite in your spiritual practice. See the unseen. 

Quartz is one of the most common gemstones and is found in every continent. It comes in variety of colours, but clear quartz is commonly used for its ability transform mechanical energy. You can find it in watches, compasses, radios, microphones etc. 
Clear quartz is said to increase your psychic abilities and it is a popular gemstone for spiritual awareness and emotional balance. Use for dream therapy and mental clarity. It also works well with other gemstones. 

Vesuvianite gets its name from Mount Vesuvius where it was discovered. It can be in variety of colours such as green, red, purple, yellow and white. Vesuvianite is a high energy stone and depending of its colour can be used in all chakra points, green representing the heart. Vesuvianite is a great stone to use for dissolving a strong ego and connecting to ones inner wholeness. Use it to find your inner calling, new job opportunities and emotional balance. Great stone to use during challenging times in ones life, when going through any changes and when looking foe clarity.

Meditation gift box



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