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This luxury chakra gift box is perfect for chakra balancing. It includes large size tumble stones for each chakra point in a wooden display box. The box comes with Chakra smudge stick as well as Californian sage. Palo Santo stick is included with oyster shell and raw pieces of amethyst and rose quartz. To top it all this gift box includes Tibetan Tingsha bells with seven chakra symbols. 


You can use each of the components on its own or together in a ceremony or other practice. Use crystals and smudge to meditate with or to balance individual chakra. The full set is perfect for full energy field chakra balancing treatment. The stones come in a wooden display box and are generous size. Please note all stones are natural, so come in slightly different shapes, sizes and colours.


Your gift set includes:

  • Chakra smudge stick
  • Californian sage smudge stick
  • Palo Santo stick
  • Raw rose quartz and amethyst pieces
  • Oyster shell
  • Tibetan Tingsha bells with chakra symbols


The chakra stone set includes the following stones:

  • Root/ base chakra - Colour red - Tiger eye - Life force energy, grounding, Security, stability, ,survival, 
  • Sacral chakra - Colour orange - Carnelian - Creativity, sexuality, communication, outlook, intuition
  • Solar plexus -Colour yellow -  Citrine - Identity, self worth, inner peace, intellect
  • Heart - Colour heart - Aventurine - Love, giving, emotions, compassion, joy
  • Throat - Colour blue - Calcedony - Communication, desires, feelings
  • Third eye/ brow - Colour indigo - Lapis lazuli - Intelligence, wisdom, intuition, dreams, spirituality
  • Crown - Colour violet - Amethyst - Deeper understanding beyond physical and material, life purpose, consciousness

Chakra gift box



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