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Beautiful anhydrite chunks which are top polished. This wonderful crystal in its blue colouring is commonly known as angelite.  Anhydrite comes in variety of blue, purple, grey and pink colours. It is very similar mineral to calcite and named after greek word “anhydros”, meaning “without water”. It has pearly shiny look when polished.    


  • A top polished anhydrite piece
  • Each piece is unique 
  • Shapes and sizes vary
  • Choose yours from drop down menu


Blue anhydrite is commonly called angelite (from Peru) or angel wing. It is similar to gypsum, but has no water content. This wonderful crystal is found from variety of locations, but these pieces come from Madagascar. It is used in variety of industries such as agriculture for soil amendment, plastics and paints as a filler and paper production for improving paper quality.   


It is a great mineral for dispelling negative energy and perfect for meditation practice. Anhydrite can aid with releasing stuck energy and emotions and is a great choice for crystal healing. It is a wonderful option for those looking to connect to higher self and looking to spiritual development. Anhydrite has a soft, gentle energy and supports higher chakras throat, third eye and crown and is a birthstone for Aquarius, Aries, pisces and gemini.

Anhydrite top polished



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