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Shungite stone 50g, shungite raw stone, natural shungite, shungite rough cut pieces


This is a 50g random pick of shungite stone pieces in variety of sizes. They are unpolished, natural rough cut and raw pieces without any alterations, with naturally black and smooth surface. Please note natural, unpolished shungite has almost charcoal type of feel and has similar "dust" on the surface.


  • 50g Natural, raw shungite stones
  • Variety of shapes and sizes included
  • Each stone is different and unique
  • Shapes and sizes vary


Shungite has recently hit the headlines with people looking for protection against EMF. It is found in Karelian, Russia and scientist were awarded Nobel peace price in 1996 for discovery of fullerenes within shungite.  People are looking for natural healing options which is why shungite has also become a popular stone. It can be used in many ways, most commonly displayed in the house or worn on body against radiation from electromagnetic filed. Some also use it in their water cleansing process or in chakra healing sessions. 


Shungite is thought to be at least two billion years old and contains most minerals. There are many stories and theories of its history and many believe it has several health benefits earning it a name of miracle stone. In spiritual practice you can use shungite for protection of negative energy and grounding. Use on root/ base chakra in your healing sessions.

Shungite stone 50g