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Onyx heart, onyx puff heart, onyx crystal heart, onyx stone heart


Pretty green banded onyx heart is a perfect gift for any crystal lover. These hearts are puff design and very beautiful indeed. Each heart is slightly different in colour and pattern, being a natural stone.  


  • One onyx heart stone 
  • Size approximately 50mm
  • Each heart is different and unique
  • Shapes, sizes and colours vary
  • Gift wrapping included


Onyx is a chalcedony crystal and part of the quartz family. It comes in banded colour varieties and black onyx stone is often dyed. Onyx is a stone for strength and focus. Bring out your inner power and discipline with onyx. It is a stone that can support you through challenging times and work or study projects. Onyx can help you to ground yourself and channel your energy on specific intention.  


Onyx crystal is definitely a stone that is suitable for anyone in a high demanding job or in a field that requires intense concentration and focus. It is also said to enhance physical strength so would suit an athlete perfectly.  Onyx is the stone for base, solar plexus and third eye chakras and it is a stone for Leo.

Onyx heart