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Green calcite represents the heart chakra, which says already something about this beautiful stone. It comes in variety of green shades and can have darker colour markings. This is the perfect option for those who struggles to contain their emotions such as stress or anxiety. 


Green calcite is calming and balancing with positive energy. It connects us to the nature, making it soothing and relaxing. As it is a stone for heart chakra it can help you to deal with matters of the heart, supporting your journey to finding new love or to deal with past heartache.   


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Calcite is one of the most varied crystals that come in variety of forms and colours. Calcite crystals are popular stones and are found all around the world. Well known marble and lime -stones are largely formed from calcite mineral making it popular in interior decor as well as in jewellery designs. 


Due to its variety in colours and shapes calcite crystals make a perfect choice for holistic work. These crystals have a strong vibrational energy, perfect for chakra and aura healing. Use on their own or in combination of other crystals to reset and balance your energy. Calcite stones are not listed in the official chart of birth stones.

Green calcite chunks



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