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Updated: Nov 28, 2023

What is crystal healing? Crystal healing is based on the vibrations and frequency of each stone or crystal. They work on the subtle energy field of the body balancing and healing chakras and aura. Crystals can be used for general overall balancing treatment or for specific issue. They can be placed around and on the body, on specific chakra points to balance the energy of the chakra. Crystals and stones “channel” universal energy vibration and amplify light waves to a specific point in the body. Different coloured crystals have different vibration and so can be used for different conditions.

The subtle energy is an energy that is in everything; every living being and object. It is the life force energy that does not seem to be in the electromagnetic spectrum. Everyone can sense the subtle energies that surround us, although some people are more sensitive than others to them. Examples of this could be when you first meet someone new, you get a feeling of that person before they say one word, you can feel someone staring at you or you can feel another persons energy when you sit or stand next to them.

It is interesting to note that clients can feel negative energy when they first come to see a healer, when they first start to talk and open up about their issues or when the leave the healer and return to their own environment.

Amethyst crystal for healing
Amethyst is a loved crystal for healing


Gemstone is a a beautiful, usually hard mineral, also called a semi-precious stone. Crystal is a solid substance in which atoms, molecules and ions are arranged in a repeating pattern. Crystals are classified as minerals, but not all minerals are crystals. The crystal structure is an infinite repeating pattern of identical structural units, a solid substance in which atoms, molecules and ions are arranged in a repeating pattern.

Minerals grow naturally in family clusters and specific shapes and crystallise in to one of seven crystal systems. They grow when the solubility of elements in a liquid phase is exceeded and they need to transform into a solid, or the energy needed to keep them in liquid form is not sufficient.

Each crystal in family group has its own vibration. Different colour crystals vibrate in a frequency of chakra colours, creating a harmonic resonance. They absorb, store and send out energy. Single point is made by breaking down a family cluster.

Crystal healing, Crystal set for emotional healing
Crystal healing, Crystal set for emotional healing

As each stone has a different vibration they connect to different colours and musical notes. As they work on subconscious level, they can be interpreted in different ways and as such can be quoted differently in some texts.

Each crystal in family group has its own vibration. Different colour crystals vibrate in a frequency of chakra colours, creating a harmonic resonance.

They absorb, store and send out energy. Single point is made by breaking down a family cluster.


Marcell Vogel came in to the conclusion that clear crystals hold human thoughts, mobilising the mental energy within it. He established that the double pointed crystal is good for healing as both ends act as focus and enables the energy to ravel through and out from the other end.

Crystals absorb and reflect light in different ways. When all rays pass through the stone is stated as transparent. Diamond has the ability to separate the different wave lengths of light when they pass through, showing all colours of the rainbow, but still looking clear or transparent.

White light is the universal light, it is pure, divine energy which harmonises the mind and the heart as it blends all colour spectrums together. It symbolises the pure consciousness. The diamond would be the most precious stone of white light with high vibration. Quartz is important as it balances the aura and has great healing affects to ones aura.


Crystal healing is an ancient method that works on the body’s subtle energy field. It can help to repair, balance and harmonise this energy field which then in turn heals the possible emotional or physical symptoms. Crystal healing is an interaction between the crystals and the persons energy fields. This is why it is important to choose the right crystals to match the need as they all (just like us) have a different frequency and energy filed.

These frequencies interact with each other for healing, energy balance and harmony in the energy field and in so physical body, as well as emotions and psyche. Crystal healing can re-harmonise the persons own frequencies that have fallen out of tune bringing them back to alignment. Crystals can entangle blocked energies and bring back balance and harmony. This healing method can be beneficial to most psychological and physical conditions.


Chakras regulate the energy flow affecting our glands and metabolism. They keep our body and mind working in harmony as they are constantly moving and absorbing energy. Crystals can help balancing of the chakras if they are too open or closed. Chakras are not physical organs, but energy centres of the body. They constantly moving energy absorbing vortexes that are our body’s energy source. Chakras give us our life energy.

Chakra healing with crystals
Use crystals for your chakra healing

The qualities and energies of different stones can be related to one of the four metaphysical elements. These are earth, fire, air and water. These are forms of life force energies and can heal on different levels.


One could choose a particular stone or crystal based on, for example, their birthstones. As each zodiac sign relates to different colours, elements and planetary forces one can choose a stone that represents their own birth sign (or month). One can also pick a stone intuitively based on which stone they feel drawn to.

One would not wear a stone that doe not feel right. It can be that some stones feel negative or wrong in some way or a person just doesn’t feel drawn to it (can also be because of the colour or look of the stone). We may pick a different stones for different dates and times.

Natal chart is an astrology chart that is calculated and drawn based on the persons birth date, time and location. It shows the locations of each planet during the time of birth. It shows he power point positions of the person (the sun, the ascendent and the mid-heaven). It can help us to choose the right birth stones to use.


When choosing a crystal one should look out for the following things. Firstly you want to be clear on what purpose is the crystal for so you can check reference materials on which one could be the best option for that specific need. One of the best way to choose a crystal that is right for you in this moment is to use your intuition to choose which one you feel most attracted to at that moment.

Crystal healing, personal crystals
Choose a crystal you are attracted to

You want to make sure it matches your current vibration. Pick it up and hold it in your hand. Does it feel right for you? Does it give you a positive feelings? You can use visualisation to affirm if you do not have the possibility to touch the crystals before buying.

When choosing crystals one would want to make sure there is a vibrational match to what you want to use the crystal for. A good match would increase your vibrational frequency and make you feel good.

Use reference materials to choose right type of crystal and your own intuition by holding the crystal in your hand.

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